UK Foreign policy-makers are waking up to the impact of climate change on conflict zones worldwide, and will add their voice to those calling on governments at the UN conference in Bali to act urgently.

An internal presentation to senior diplomats at the UK Foreign Office listed every recent, serious breakdown of civil order around the world and mapped it against those countries hardest hit by climate change. The fit was almost perfect. One of the diplomats present said there was an “audible intake of breath” from the audience when the slide was shown.

“Climate change presents an enormous challenge to the international community, and unless we respond effectively we won’t be able to deal with the implications,” said John Ashton, the UK’s special representative for climate change. “We need to see how we can use the assets at our disposal to something about it.”

Amybe having a word with BP (see next blog) might help. You could tell them to stop investing in Canadian oil sands.