Australia’s opposition leader, Labour Party leader Kevin Rudd, who is the front-runner in this weekend’s elections, has said that climate change is his top priority.

In his last major address of the six-week campaign, Kevin Rudd accused Prime Minister John Howard’s 11-year-old government of being tired, out-of-touch and ill-equipped to cope with a new generation of issues like global warming.

Rudd said he would immediately reverse Howard’s refusal to accept Australia’s greenhouse gas emission targets set out in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. He said he would personally represent Australia at the U.N. climate change meeting next month in Bali to map out the next stage of the international fight against global warming.

“That’s number one,” Rudd said during a question-and-answer session after his nationally televised address.

Meanwhile Howard’s election campaign has hinged on economic growth by flogging as many raw materials to China as possible, including oil….

Wonder who is going to win??

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