Poor old Shell. There it goes sponsoring the prestigious BBC “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London and 15 or so folk turned up and started singing “a new hymn of hope to an oil-free future”.

The protesters started singing inside the Natural History Museum, gradually being removed by security staff. After that they gathered on the pavement outside with images from the Shell’s “Wild Lie” exhibition: a Remember Saro-Wiwa banner and more songs, including ‘A Drunken Climate’, ‘None of Us Are Free’, ‘(War For) Oil’ and a song to the Niger Delta.

The words of the protest song are:

‘there’s a bird dressed in black
there’s a world nearly cracked
there is me, there is you
what the hell shall we do?

it’s not hard to explain
all the ways we can gain
from a world without oil
no more spills, no more spoils’