Computer giant Dell has announced that the company will go “carbon-neutral” next year, using a mix of energy efficiency upgrades, renewable power purchases and carbon offsets to compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions caused by its operations.

The company plans to neutralize its emissions stemming from Dell-owned and Dell-leased buildings and manufacturing facilities, as well as for employee air travel. However – there is a catch. Much of the CO2 footprint of a typical computer stems from the manufacturing of components that are made by subcontractors, and Dell officials said emissions associated with subcontracts will not be offset.

But the company will continue to work with suppliers under a program announced in June to have them identify and report their carbon dioxide emissions impacts.

“Leadership starts at home, which is why we are going carbon-neutral, but this should only be the beginning of building long-term partnerships with customers, stakeholders and suppliers of all sizes to team up and make a difference for the Earth we all share,” the CEO, Michael Dell said in a statement.

One thing Dell could start doing is stop sending me their junk mail every month.

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  • I work at Dell on environment issues, in fact worked on the carbon neutral announcement.

    You raise a good point about climate impacts beyond our own facilities. We announced an updated climate strategy in June that recognizes that the impacts of our supplier operations, and the impact from the production of electricity used to power the products we sell.

    Our strategy to address with suppliers is we’ve begun asking them to account for and report emissions – it’s the first step in a long term strategy to help suppliers reduce emissions.

    we’ve also committed to providing products with the most performance per watt — helping customers save not only operating costs, but also energy, and therefore reduce emissions.

    Also – for anyone who wants to opt out of mailings, there is a form at this link to request that – please let me know if you have trouble with it.

    thanks, Bryant

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