Anyone who thinks the US is not interested in Iraq oil should read this Washington Post article that the US Commerce Department is seeking an international legal adviser.

Their job will be to help the government over passing of Iraq’s controversial oil law as well as in helping the US “be central to the process for years to come”.   

The advisor who will be fluent in Arabic is “to provide expert input, when requested” to “U.S. government agencies or to Iraqi authorities as they draft the laws and regulations that will govern Iraq’s oil and gas sector.”

The Commerce proposal put out Aug. 21 predicts that “as part of a U.S. government inter-agency process, the U.S. Department of Commerce will be providing technical assistance to Iraq to create a legal and tax environment conducive to domestic and foreign investment in Iraq’s key economic sectors, starting with the mineral resources sector.”

Read that last line again… “legal and tax environments” which are “conducive” to foreign investment. Says it all really.

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