Despite efforts by the Scottish National Party to transfer the responsibility of North Sea oil to the Scottish Parliament, the UK government is having none of it. Scotland Office minister David Cairns will tell an oil conference that the UK Government has “no intention” of devolving control of oil and gas.

Mr Cairns will deliver his warning during a speech at the Offshore Europe Exhibition in Aberdeen. He will tell delegates: “The interests of both Scotland and the UK are best served through continued economic union and the benefits which accompany a UK-wide approach.

“Our thinking on this issue is therefore unequivocal – introducing needless uncertainty into an £11bn industry which supports half a million jobs is not an option for the UK Government.”

But Mr Cairns will warn that North Sea oil is a UK resource and the UK Government has “no intention of devolving oil and gas powers to Holyrood” and there is a “vast array of sound reasons” to block any bid to transfer control.

I am sure we haven’t heard the last on this matter.