Iraq’s parliament must overcome major disagreements before it can pass Iraq’s controversial oil law, Iraqi officials have admitted.

Abdul-Hadi al-Hasani, deputy head of Iraq’s parliamentary energy committee, said the new rules would pass before the end of the year — but only after significant amendments to the draft Baghdad approved in July after months of wrangling.

Hasani said parliament will want to include controversial annexes that list the oilfields to be controlled by a new national oil company and detail the contract models to be used to develop the dilapidated sector, which accounts for over 90 percent of government income.

“In the next few weeks it will be put forward for a first reading, then we have to come back and discuss it before voting,” Hasani said. “It is going to be hotly debated. I believe there will be a lot of amendments put forward.”

I think the term “hotly debated” is an understatement. Its going to be one hell of a scrap before the law is passed.


  • With great concern, hope is that the Parliament will take careful look at the REASONS WHY BUSH INVADED IRAQ being OIL according to the various reports and especially the PNAC handbook which was developed in September 1997 by William Kristol and other members with tie-ins close to AIPAC and AE&I. All desired to invade Iraq and a part of PNAC stated that ALL WHO PARTICIPATED WOULD SHARE IN THE RICHES. Their admission that OIL was the asset with which to parlay.

    This rectifies the reason that Bush is so anxious that the Hydrocarbon Law or Oil Law is signed as quickly as possible. One must wonder how many high people in high places are depending on this SHARE IN THE RICHES that Bush has been assigned to bring to frutition.

  • It is with sadness, anger and bewilderment that I read this website. Sad that we the people (in the U.S.) elected such amoral thieves to lead us; with anger do I read because most of the Western world is unaware and unconcerned about the rape and pillage of Iraq; with bewilderment do I read because the religious right and the evangelicals and the conservatives (in the U.S.) who elected this administration are proud of it. Not only are they proud of it, they haven’t the decency to be ashamed and admit what they have wrought is evil and immoral to the core. What kind of people are they?

  • Me too this sadness as I listen to the talk shows turn off callers-in who mention the truth about oil on radio stations who have a sicko investment in deceit. Who’s kidding who?
    I read and study sites here and elsewhere and keep on keepin on. It takes a lot of time to study all this and while today is 9/11 i attempt to look inside peacefully ijn the midst of the news at the stands and the talk about Iraq and the surge and the persons who betray us who speak supposedly the truth but are part of a coverup scam way before the outset of the occupation of Iraq. It may be that there is nothing I personally can do but in the days ahead I will do what I can here in my home town tabling and sharing the info i see here regarding the pending oil law in Iraq and how it is not talked about in the news and how we must talk anyway. LET THE LEAK BEGIN!

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