Further promises by the UK government to meet greenhouse gas targets look unlikely to be met, according to a leading think tank says.

Cambridge Econometrics was one of the first to forecast that the government would miss its target to cut CO2 by 20% for 2010.

Ministers rejected the think tank’s claims for several years before finally conceding it was correct. The latest report says at the current rate of progress this target will not even be reached by 2020.

By then, the government is theoretically striving to cut CO2 by a minimum of 26%.

But the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said the UK had a “good record” on tackling climate change and was on target to “meet and exceed” greenhouse gas reduction targets under the Kyoto protocol.

I think the chances of the UK meeting its targets are zero, especially if they refuse to tackle aircraft growth.

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  • This is a shame. What are the specific reasons for this projected failure? What is it about aircraft growth?

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