The two oil companies working in Uganda, Heritage Oil and Tullow Oil, have vowed to continue with their operations despite the killing of their British contractor on Friday.

“There is no suggestion of abandoning the project,” Brian Smith, Heritage’s vice-president of exploration. “We are grieving the death of our colleague, trying to come to terms with what happened. We expect to resume our operations soon. It is only a matter of days.”

Carl Nefdt, a UK geologist, died in the early hours of Friday during a 15-minute fire-fight on Lake Albert with Congolese gunmen. The Ugandan Government believes the attackers were members of the Congolese armed forces FARDC. Four UPDF soldiers were arrested by Congolese troops at the same point on July 29 for allegedly having entered their territory illegally.

Heritage has been accused of crossing the frontier. Hours before the attack, the barge was approached by Congolese armed men who told the oil workers that they were operating in their waters. But Heritage strongly denies that.

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  • Profits are better but it’s also good to look into the question of humanity .
    When millions of people loose their lives just because of personal benefits that is deadly
    Consinder peoles’ life any other thing.

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