Although retail giant, Wal-Mart has reclaimed the top spot on the latest Fortune Global 500 list from Exxon, Big Oil dominates the top ten.

Exxon is number two on the list, Shell is at three, BP at four, Chevron is number seven, ConocoPhillips is number nine and Total is number ten. Also in the top ten are three car companies: General Motors, Toyota Motor, DaimlerChrysler.

Just a few years ago Fortune was predicting that high-flying tech companies would soon displace the oil and auto giants that had been hogging the limelight at the top of the Global 500, says Fortune reporter Telis Demos in his introduction to the list that will be published in its next edition.

He continues: Well, look whos still riding high: Six of the top ten companies on this years list are pumping petroleum, and three more are making vehicles that burn it. True, Wal-Mart regained its title as the worlds largest company, at $351.1 billion in revenueBut the big story was oil.

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    The Outstanding Public Debt as of 20 Jul 2007 is:


    The estimated population of the United States is 302,474,927
    so each citizen’s share of this debt is $29,390.95.

    The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
    $1.31 billion per day since September 29, 2006!


    Sorry to say, if you ignore the debt, it won’t go away. But we have been soooo mezmerized with wars, indictments, political voodoo, and “Idol American”, we rarely hear anymore about basic housekeeping.
    My question is – what exactly are the conservatives conserving?
    All I do know is the answer is NOT the bank account. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum anyone is on, there is really no excuse for this trainwreck of debt.

    Nice gift for a newborn baby– cough up $30,000, little one.

    My next question is- who can read this number? (Hint: If it is too big to read, it is too big!)

    8 trillion, 890 billion, 26 million, 934 thousand, 7 hundred 44 dollars, and 41 cents.

    Let me guess, George did not do well in math class. But he did bring a few companies to bankruptcy.

    Oh how I wish I could get a hold of “W’s” early campaign footage– where he talks about bringing integrity back to the White House. What a roar that would be.

    Still the rapidly approaching 9 trillion dollar debt is going to take the next generations decades to dig out of.
    Hmmm who has that kind of money??

    Big Oil???

    Time to shut down the loopholes before this country goes into full on bankruptcy.

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