No surprises here really. Anything that remotely threatens the interests of Exxon will be opposed. The oil dinosaur has done it so spectacularly on climate, and now it is coming out fighting against the new US energy bill.

The proposed reform of US energy policy passing through Congress “almost defies any sense of logical or rational thinking”, argues Rex Tillerson, the head of Exxon.In an interview with the Financial Times, Rex Tillerson, said the energy bill passed by the Senate last week, was playing on the emotions of the American people. “For a lot of good reasons, [people] are upset with the high prices of energy,” he said. “People are reacting to that, and in a not very rational way.”

Mr Tillerson said: “There’s really nothing in that energy bill that I can tell is going to in any way alter the current energy supply or demand pricing situation. In fact, it runs a risk of actually making it worse; certainly in the short term it doesn’t do anything.”

When Rex moans about how bad something is you know you are doing some good… can you image how humpy he would have got if the best parts of the bill – where the oil industry would have been taxed to fund renewables – had actually got passed.