The former White House consultant, Roger Bezdek, who is on a trip to Australia, has urged the Oz federal government to rigorously assess the looming impact of peak oil.

He called for the government to create an independent body to study peak oil and create solutions ahead of a “liquid fuels crisis”.

“On the demand side, they should stress transportation efficiency and enhanced fuel efficiency standards,” Dr Bezdek said in a statement. “On the supply side, the federal government should encourage and pursue all viable options including coal-to-liquids, oil shale, biomass, and hybrid vehicles.”

But Dr Bezdek warned it may already be too late to address peak oil, which was first mooted in the 1950s. “If oil peaks within 10 years, it may already be too late to avoid serious problems,” he said. “It took the world more than 20 years to recognise the significance of climate change. “We do not have 20 years to bring this issue to the world’s attention.”

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