Iraq’s Vice President has publicly opposed Iraq’s controversial Oil Law, saying it gives too many concessions to foreign oil companies. “We disagree with the production sharing agreement,” Tariq al-Hashemi told reporters yesterday.

“We want foreign oil companies, and we have to lure them into Iraq to learn from their expertise and acquire their technology, but we shouldn’t give them big privileges,” al-Hashemi said.

The ongoing disagreement means that parliament will miss a May 31 target date set by the Iraqi government to pass the bill, said Mahmoud Othman, a leading Kurdish lawmaker. “There’s no way it will be done by then,” Othman said. “Not even close.”

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  • Dear Person,

    President Bush has set a high priority on Iraq determining how any Iraqi profits from oil will be shared among the three groups. However, I have heard some serious suggestions that requiring Iraqis to settle the oil question now is not reasonable. A rational discussion of alternatives with a look at their possible consequences would be a welcome addition to the morass of problems Bush has let loose.

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