Anyone in London next Tuesday and want to protest at the Iraqi Oil Law?

Well get yourself down to Hammersmith to join the Hands Off Iraqi Oil Protest at Shell’s Annual General Meeting. It is being held from 8.30 AM to 12 Noon at the Novotel London-West Hotel and Convention Centre, in Hammersmith.

The reason why Shell is being targeted: “Shell has been steering the agenda for de-facto oil privatization in Iraq. Shell has been active in shaping Iraqi oil policy throughout the occupation, including influencing the controversial oil law.

Shell saw the draft law in July 2006 – more than 7 months before most Iraqi MPs. Shell has been lobbying for long-term contracts which will see control of Iraq‘s oil pass into private hands for up to 30 years.

War and Occupation are providing a business opportunity for companies like Shell which are exploiting the ‘risk’ of investing in Iraqi oil at such an insecure time. The off-set of this risk will enable Shell to strike disproportionately advantageous deals for itself.

Iraqi civil society, including political parties, trade unions and religious organizations are opposed to the sell off of the resource that accounts for 95% of Iraqi government revenue.

Tell Shell’s shareholders ‘Hands off Iraqi Oil – let the Iraqi people decide’. The Iraqi people should decide how their oil is developed, free from coercion and duress.

For further information on the protest at Shells AGM email: