Following on from our previous blog about Oxy being accused of dumping oil in the Amazon, the oil company has now been sued by Earthrights International on behalf of the Achuar people.

The claim alleges that over the course of three decades Oxy engaged in “irresponsible, reckless, immortal and illegal practices” in an “unchecked effort to profit from Amazonian oil”.

It adds: “These practices were below accepted industry standards, prohibited by law, and Oxy knew they would result in the severe contamination of water and land.”

Marco Simons, a lawyer for EarthRights International, said: “If you think about the harm that was done here, the widespread lead poisoning of hundred of children and the exposure of hundreds of adults and children to contamination, you’re certainly looking at substantial damages. But more important than that, the Achuar want injunctive relief to clean up the mess.”

Andrés Sandi Mucushua, a tribal representative, said: “My people are sick and dying because of Oxy. The water in our streams is not fit to drink and we can no longer eat the fish in our rivers or the animals in our forests.”