Some say that corruption always starts at home. The CEO of VECO, an oil field services company, has pleaded guilty in an American federal court to bribing Alaska lawmakers during negotiations over a proposed natural gas pipeline.

Bill J. Allen, has entered his plea in US. District Court to numerous counts, including conspiracy and bribery. His plea came three days after federal prosecutors indicted one current and two former members of the Alaska House of Representatives for bribery and extortion related to last year’s negotiations over a new oil and gas tax and the proposed natural gas pipeline.

Also last week, state Rep. Victor Kohring of Wasilla and former Reps. Pete Kott of Eagle River and Bruce Weyhrauch of Juneau pleaded not guilty to bribery charges.

Kott is accused of accepting $8,993 in payments, $2,750 in polling expenses and the promise of a future contract as a lobbyist for VECO in exchange for his support of a natural gas pipeline and a tax proposal that favored VECO

Kohring is accused of demanding and accepting up to $2,600 in cash and a $3,000 job for a relative from VECO executives in exchange for his support.