BP’s new CEO, Tony Hayward will present his plans for a reshuffle of the top team at BP when he attends his first board meeting as chief executive in Washington next week.

After the traumatic events over the last few days for BP, Hayward is said to be looking to “refresh the executive” and “reassert a focus on safety”. He is also expected to meet President Bush.

Rumours are that John Manzoni will be removed from his present job as chief executive of BP’s refinery and marketing, the division responsible for the Texas City refinery, where 15 people were killed in an explosion in 2005 that exposed systematic safety failings across the company.

In his presentation to the board, Mr Hayward will also emphasise continuity with key strategies set down by Lord Browne. Among other things, BP will remain a British company. BP has mulled the idea of moving its domicile from the UK to the US, but concluded that, regardless of the arguable tax benefits, it would lose its status as a flag-carrying energy company, for ever eclipsed by Exxon Mobil. Mr Hayward also is said to be committed to BP’s joint venture in Russia.

Meanwhile, BP is said to be planning a series of grand farewell parties for Browne in June and July. Anyone been invited?