There may be unprecedented news about how flying affects climate change, but try telling that to Michael O’Leary, the controversial boss of Ryanair.

O’Leary said he was planning to bring his no-frills approach to transatlantic flights, offering one-way tickets from $12.

The market is poised for significant changes in the wake of the recent “open skies” agreement between the US and EU and Mr O’Leary said he was looking to set up a new airline with a fleet of up to 50 planes within the next three to four years.

“We’ve been approached by a number of airports in the US who are keen to see us start a long-haul, low-fare service and we’re working on plans to start flying the Atlantic,” Mr O’Leary said yesterday. Mr O’Leary said the new venture would not be part of Ryanair but would be a sister or associate company.

But can someone tell me how you can charge someone $12 when the taxes alone are $240….

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