In a little reported development, Iraq’s Oil Minister has claimed that Iraq has over 300 billion barrels of oil reserves, which would mean the country top’s Saudia Arabia.

Hussain al-Shahristani made the claim to a Lebanese newspaper at the weeek, although there remains confusion as to whether he was talking about confirmed reserves or a general estimate.

Saudia Arabia is the world’s current leader with 262 billion barrels followed by Iraq’s proven reserves at 112 billion, with some 200 billion in undiscovered reserves.

No wonder America wanted that Oil Law passed as soon as possible.


  • bad for iraq.. as long as the sulphur smelled devil live and its tiny little lucifers thirst for oil, there could be no possible stability as fas as their existence is concern. iraq long have been the staunch critic and enemy of the united states, have been experiencing massive militiary bombardment.. the US had just set up puppet government that would definitely control their oil. it is not new so far as the economy of US depends on it.. by the way, have they found the weapons for mass destruction???? spreading its vain democracy with full stupidity….

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