Britain may have committed itself to a 60 per cent cut in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, but others are trying to go further. The New York Times profiles the efforts of Bill McKibben and others who are organizing a national day of action on climate-change called Step It Up that will happen on April 14.

The goal of Step it Up is asking Congress to enact immediate cuts in carbon emissions, and pledge an 80% reduction by 2050.

“It’s a source of eternal pleasure for me to turn on my computer every morning and see what people have come up with the night before,” says McKibben. “Like: We’re going to scuba dive with a banner off the endangered coral reefs.” Or “I’m going to take my bar mitzvah and make it into a Step It Up rally.”

“We don’t have a movement,” he says. “The largest rally yet held in the U.S. about global warming drew a thousand people. If we’re going to make the kind of change we need in the short time left us, we need something that looks like the civil rights movement, and we need it now. Changing light bulbs just isn’t enough.”

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