Image from Art not OilExxonMobil has thrown its weight behind rival BP in an attempt to block a precedent-setting court order requiring Lord Browne, the UK oil group’s beleaguered chief executive, to testify tomorrow in a civil lawsuit.

Exxon, along with and a string of Texas business groups, are petitioning the Texas Supreme Court to overrule a decision by lower courts compelling Lord Browne to testify in the lawsuit arising from BP’s Texas refinery explosion.

You can see why Exxon is worried – once you have Browne in the dock, maybe T-Rex Tillerson will soon follow, sued because of the company’s stance on climate change. Maybe we might soon see an Oil Baron behind bars. Maybe..

Article cited: Sheila McNulty, “Exxon Backs BP on Browne Court Order”, Financial Times, February 21

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