The concept of huge gas pipeline that snakes all the way from Alaska’s North Slope across Canada to the lower American states draws closer to being a reality. Alaska’s new Governor Sarah Palin, has announced that she will submit her natural gas pipeline legislation within two weeks.

Anyone interested in building the line will have to submit an application within six months including a “detailed description” of the project, including a timeline and a budget. Meanwhile estimated costs of the gas line has increased by $10 billion to $30 billion.

“It’s probably going to be in that 30s ballpark range,” says Craig Haymes, from Exxon Mobil Corp. one of the three companies who were in negotiation with previous Alaskan Governor, Frank Murkowski, who was extremely close to the oil industry. “What bothers me is that Alaska tried it Exxon’s way” argues Palin. “The result was a contract that is not viable. It did not have the support of the public or the Legislature.”

BP, Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips are all said to be interested in building the gas pipeline. “For BP, the North Slope is the largest known but undeveloped resource in our portfolio, and frankly, we’d like to get rid of that idea,” said David Van Tuyl, a representative from BP. “BP’s future is directly linked to the future of the Alaska gas pipeline.”

If it is, I hope the sort out their corrosion problems before they build it, otherwise the Canadians might be in for a nasty shock.


  • The pipeline will really supercharge the economy of Alaska and north-western Canada. It will also lower energy costs for both countries. If global warming is real, we all need to start moving to Alaska and northern Canada, since that is where the good weather will be. Natural gas is cleaner to burn than gasoline or other refined fuels. Burning it is less harmful to the environment than burning liquid oil fuels. Because of political pressures, builders will be careful not to disturb the environment any more than necessary while building the pipeline. No doubt with the pipeline, more permanent jobs will be established, and more roads will be built, opening up new areas of nature for public enjoyment. We should not be afraid of progress as long as it is carefully implemented.

  • Hello,

    I believe I saw an oil executive on one of the television talk shows that said the oil from the pipeline is not good enough for the U.S. If so, where does it go? If it is sold, who receives the profits. Why should we build others if this is true?

  • “We as a country needto make what energy we have a “cleaner”energy,,we have all the technology to do so,,,if we can put a man on the moon,,and stop terror in it’s tracks ,,we can do this!!

  • To have such a big project i mean 30 billion dollars that,s a lot of money to be made for who though who say,s ok you there the little guy with a family can you build 5 km,s of pipeline right away or over there another family trying to make a living can you take all the wood to mill what about the reclamation who gets that contract and what about the treaty #8 one of the biggest treaty,s around canada what about them native,s eh. Maybe before anyone starts counting there money should,nt someone think about the little man with a family stuggling to make a- or wanting to make their family,s proud by being able to support that,s only one of many question that someone should start asking like i said $30 billion dollars is a lot of money maybe this time the little people can benifit from some contract,s also maybe some $. thanks for taking the time to read this,

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