Global Cool” officially launched its 10-year campaign to “defeat” climate change yesterday in London and LA. It is calling on one billion people to reduce their carbon emissions by just one tonne a year, for the next 10 years, so avoiding the “climatic tipping point”.

Celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Orlando Bloom, KT Tunstall, Pink, The Killers, Razorlight and Josh Hartnett have thrown their weight behind the campaign. In London singer/songwriter KT Tunstall and Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett joined the “Global Cool” team at the launch.  KT proposed that in her opinion the best way to tackle climate change is make it “un-cool and unacceptable” not to be involved.

Josh Hartnett spoke of when he first purchased a hybrid car back in 1999: “I was living Minnesota, which is hardly the coolest place in the world, and I was driving around in a Prius and getting funny looks. Now everyone wants one and they can’t get them”. He added: “I’m just trying to do my best and if everyone wants to follow suit then that’s cool.”

Can celebrities get people to change their behaviour though?

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