So the dinosaurs are still active. Two of the world’s leading climate skeptics, Fred Singer and Dennis Avery, have a new book out that that claims that climate change goes in 1,500 year cycles which may have more to do with cosmic rays than fossil fuel emissions.

If the genuine warming now being seen is caused by human emissions of carbon dioxide, it would have started earlier, they claim in the book “Unstoppable Global Warming – Every 1,500 Years”.

Avery argues: “If this were a CO2 driven warming it should have started in 1940 and risen strongly from there. In fact warming started in 1850 and rose sharply until 1940 then decreased for 35 years.”

Don’t forget Avery’s classic book “Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastic: The Environmental Triumph of High Yield Farming.”

Once you have read that, anything is possible. Even the possibility that the Earth is flat.

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  • Interesting – May want to read Michael Crichton’s new book which is about this very subject and I found to be quite enlightening. He has a huge bibliography to back up his “fiction” – and makes just as much sense as anything else.

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