Something of a climate change feel to the blog today. Britain’s “green and pleasant land” will be almost unrecognisable by 2100, with extremely hot summers, monsoon-style winter rains and flooding, plus the destruction of much of the nation’s ecosystems and wildlife.

These are the results of the largest climate experiment that began a year ago when a documentary invited viewers to use their computers to run climate prediction models.

More than 54,000 responded around the world and together they became part of the largest climate prediction project ever undertaken.

The results will be presented by Wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough next Sunday on the BBC. The climate models look at 2020, 2050 and 2080. The overriding factor is a dramatic surge in average temperatures.

By 2050 temperatures will have risen by 2.5C. By 2080 it will have risen by 4C. Attenborough will explain that such rises may seem small but are almost as great as the rise that lifted Britain out of the ice age of 12,000 years ago and made it temperate.

The experiment is still running and would-be participants can join it here.


  • What do we know about other countries and regions? This is too short an article for such a devastatingly serious topic. Help us here…? Other sources to go to for information? We are mere lay people, depending on the foresight and clear communication of our scientific community. Hello? We have a global future to plan for! The last link did not work. Where can we find this climate prediction project please.
    Thanks, Pat Henry

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