A report commissioned by the UK government and written by former British Airways chief Sir Rod Eddington, has concluded that motorists should be asked to pay to drive on the nation’s road network. Eddington examined the possibilities for road pricing, road building, rail and airport investment, as well as the planning system for the UK.

Leaks of the report show he is expected to report that road tolls could bring £28bn (some $56bn) a year of benefits to bus and rail users. The report will conclude that the potential benefits of charging motorists for using roads will outweigh the costs of the scheme.

Road charges will put some people off driving entirely, cut congestion and carbon emissions and could raise up to £16bn a year in payments, Sir Rod is likely to say.

Many of the recommendations are said to be “in line” with current government thinking, but will now receive the backing of a respected businessman.

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