A new report warns Britain’s looming energy gap could cost the country more than £100bn a year in less than a decade from now. The analysis by the business services group LogicaCMG believes that the energy gap could arrive much earlier than previously thought.

It says that by 2010 the shortfall could be 5 per cent, rising to 23 per cent by 2015. This could require energy-intensive industries such as steel, glass and chemical production to shut down operations at peak periods of energy usage, costing business as much as £7.9bn a year.

The report also warns that acute energy shortages could occur in the summer months as well as winter as worsening levels of climate change lead to more use of air conditioning and cooling systems.

So we then use more energy to keep us cool which causes climate change that makes us warm, so we use more energy to stay cool and that makes the energy gap greater … Makes sense to you? Of course it does..