Google has announced it is installing the largest corporate solar installation in the U.S. The system, installed by EI Solutions on Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters campus will have a total capacity of 1.6 megawatts — enough to supply 1,000 average California homes.

The project will involve 9,212 solar panels which will be placed on the rooftops of some of the buildings in the “Googleplex”. The solar energy will be used to power several of Google’s Mountain View office facilities. “When the project is completed this spring, Google employees, shareholders and the community around us will begin to enjoy the environmental as well as economic benefits of clean, renewable energy generated on-site,” says David Radcliffe, vice president of real estate at Google.

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  • Solar Energy is one of the best sources of clean and green electricity. I think that we should build more efficient solar thermal power plants and solar cells. frequently. ,

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