BP and Shell caused almost $50 billion of environmental and social damage last year – double the amount of profits they made in the past 12 months – according to a report by WWF and the New Economics Foundation. The two groups are urging the British Government to slap an “oil legacy fund” on the oil industry to pay for a long-term programme to tackle the impacts of climate change.

“Britain has squandered its windfall of natural resources from North Sea oil and gas,” Andrew Simms, the policy director at NEF and the lead author of the report, said. “Instead of oil companies profiteering from climate change and oil depletion, a windfall tax could establish an oil legacy fund to pay for Britain’s transition to a sustainable, decentralised energy system”.

The WWF and NEF calculated the damage wrought by oil companies’ products on the environment. They are publishing their report in a week that will see BP and Shell post their latest results. Tomorrow BP will say it made $4.74bn (£2.52bn) in the third quarter of the year, analysts believe. On Thursday Shell will unveil a larger $5.7bn (£3bn) – equivalent to £12bn a year.

James Leaton, the WWF’s oil policy officer, said simply: “The UK needs to admit to its addiction to oil, and make a tough decision to get clean.”

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  • There is a planned day of action against Shell on November 10th, the anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight others by the Nigerian Government, backed by Shell.

    Supporters are asked to organise vigils and actions in their own area (at Shell garages, Irish govt embassies) or, if possible make their way to Erris to blockade the road in fron of the refinery.

    There will be a bus leaving Dublin on Thursday 9th at 6PM and returning (if everyone hasn’t been arrested) on Friday afternoon. The protest is planned for early in the morning. Send an email to Dublinshelltosea@gmail.com for more info.

    Remember Saro-Wiwa- help send Shell to Sea!

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