Canada should move quickly to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the country’s commissioner for the environment and sustainable development has warned. “Our future is at stake,” said Johanne Gélinas. “I am more troubled than ever by the federal government’s longstanding failure to confront one of the greatest challenges of our time”.

According to Gélinas, there has been no serious attempt to reduce emissions from Canada’s transportation and industrial sectors, which account for 78 percent of all emissions,

Despite being legally required to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by 5.2 percent under the Kyoto Protocol, Canada’s emissions have soared nearly 35 percent, mainly due to a booming oil and gas sector that supplies the United States. Moreover, although Canada has until 2012 to reach its reduction target, Canada’s new Conservative government has said that target is “impossible”.

Glad to see they are taking the job seriously.

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