G8 Leaders released today a Communique and Plan of Action on Global Energy Security that will increase public support for the oil and fossil fuel industry and fuel global warming. The Plan, which emerges from the G8 Summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia, seeks to “create”, “maintain”, “encourage”, “expand” and “develop” hydrocarbon production, processing and transportation capacity. The Plan fails to acknowledge the global warming implications of these measures and the consequences of G8 subsidies to oil and other fossil fuels.

Last year the G8 got together to discuss fighting climate change, this year they put out a plan that will fuel climate chaos. Like addicts in denial, they are putting future generations in jeopardy in order to feed their oil addiction. We need a new energy revolution, not more public hand-outs to Big Oil.

The G8 Communique assumes a massive increase in demand for fossil fuels over the next 25 years and outlines on how governments and international institutions can work together to ensure that this expansion takes place. At the same time, the Communique reaffirms the G8’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the G8 can’t fight climate change and subsidize an expansion of fossil fuels at the same time!

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  • We should ALL be ashamed of what we’ve done to this planet, our home!!Im tired of the lies by governments and political leaders! We all are!

    Im dedicating my life (the rest of) to change the world!!!!!!!

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