So we now know that nearly half the global pollution coming from exhaust pipes is from US cars, because Americans drive bigger more fuel inefficient cars for longer than anyone else. So is that trend going to stop? No.

The big three US auto makers are in the midst of offering ridiculous bargains to tempt consumers to buy their big beasties. As the New York Times reported yesterday “To many car shoppers, $5,000 off might sound like the deal of the year. The truth is, it might not even be the best deal this week”.

Some cars are on offer with discounts of 20 percent or more or six years interest-free loans. Ford started in early June with its “Drive On Us” campaign, offering no-interest financing and at least $1,000 worth of free gas to buyers of most 2006 models. G.M. will be offering vehicles with interest-free loans for up to six years. So it looks like as the summer is hotting up, so the deals are hotting up too. Just watch that climate fry.

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