European politicians may talk up the progress they are making on climate change, however the biofuels sector is still struggling to meet targets. A new survey by Paris-based consortium Eurobserver, has found that EU production of biofuels in 2010 is projected to be just over half of the European commission’s target of 18m tonnes oil equivalent (Mtoe).

There is good news though. There have been large increases in biofuels production, up 67% from 2004 to 3.9 million tonnes in 2005. Biodiesel accounted for 81% of production. Bioethanol accounted for the other 19%, but grew even faster, at 70% in 2005. Biogas, though is struggling. Production is expected to fall well short of the commission’s target, set at 15 Mtoe by 2010.

We have always said the barriers to change are political and not technical – if politicians slashed duty rates on biodiesel there would be a huge uptake. But that would be too easy.