Its great to see the oldest Sunday newspaper in the world, The Observer doing a pull-out section on energy to inform its readers on climate change and renewables.

… the only slight problem is that the whole edition is in association with Shell. On the site there is a link to where “Anna” from Shell tells you how she restored the local biodiversity after laying a gas pipeline in Scotland (surprising that the case study is not in Nigeria).

You can also read Livio’s story from Shell saying “we believe that companies could cut their carbon output, so we have started with ours” (its surprising they don’t tell you how much they are spending on new oil and gas projects that will affect the climate).

For a newspaper like The Observer, that prides itself on being impartial and unbiased, this is corporate greenwash at its best. It also comes just days after The Observer’s sister paper, The Guardian, labelled Shell’s green rebranding a “fraud”. Oops.