Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter and therefore the world’s largest indirect polluter, has finally signalled it will help the fight against global warming through, wait for it, helping research into reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the oil industry!

“I believe the petroleum industry should actively engage in policy debate on climate change as well as play an active role in developing and implementing carbon management technologies to meet future challenges,” the president and CEO of Saudi Arabia’s state oil company, Abdallah Jumah, told the UN  Protocol meeting in Germany. “National oil companies — like Saudi Aramco — can make meaningful contributions to those efforts,” he added.

At least this is a step forward in the sense that for years Saudi Arabia did everything in its power to derail the UN Climate talks. So now as the world fries, they promise to do research in to reducing emissions within the industry. How about just leaving the oil in the ground instead. Now that would be a radical step. It wouldn’t need much research either.

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  • Global warming is an inevitable process. The Earth goes through a cyclical process in which it cools (hence the ice age) then warms up again over and over again. It’s similar to that of the polarization and reverse polarization of the Earth’s core except that magnetic field does so more rapidly.

    I think all the finger point should stop whether it’s being directed towards big oil or world governments. If people are pointlessly worried, engineers at car manufacturing companies are already working on methods in reduction emissions period from automobiles.

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