Some of the British media are acting more akin to NGOs than impartial by-standers on climate change. In print, the Independent newspaper has been collecting readers’ views. Now ITV is undertaking a special global investigation..

Since mid-February ITV’s Science Editor, Lawrence McGinty, has been “conducting a unique investigation as 2006 will be a crunch year in the world’s battle against global warming”.

He has already visited Greenland, The Amazon and Lake Chad. Now he is in the Maldives. On his recent blog, McGinty writes: “The Maldives are probably the one place in the world most vulnerable to climate change and global warming and least responsible for it. Their production of carbon dioxide is tiny: there are only 700 cars in the whole place ..If global warming causes sea levels to rise as much as the scientists predict (between three and 30 inches in the next century), this beautiful chain of island gems will be mostly – if not entirely – inundated”.

You can check his travels here, including his report from Lake Chad where he wrote:
“In the two-way with Mark [Presenter at the ITV studio in London], I have a go at George W for failing to recognise the reality of global warming. Afterwards I wonder whether that was a bit strong. But Sarah’s mum [Sarah’s the producer] sends a text message saying about time someone said it so I feel better”.

Its amazing isn’t it – here  is a seasoned science and  environment  correspondent witnessing at first hand the impact of climate change and he feels guilty for having a go at Bush.  Give him your support email Lawrence  and tell him to have another go at Bush –


  • can i ask you a question about our planet,concerning the amount of fossil fuels and other minerals being extracted andbeing used up.does this mean our planet is lighter inweight today, than one hundred years ago.

  • I would like to know about past ice ages. We are being led to believe by some scientists that we are about to embark on another ice age due to fossil fuels.
    Surely global warming is not responsible for the weather changes etc. We have had ice ages many times before when carbon monoxide was not even known of. Is it not just a natural cycle of our world.

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