A staggering three-quarters of the American population are “disgruntled” about weak leadership from President Bush on climate change, and argue that the government should be doing more to promote renewable energy.

The survey, by the Civil Society Institute, found that 76% of respondents believed that the US government is not doing enough to address global warming and develop alternative energy sources.

In another question 77% of the group – including 71% of conservative voters – thought that developing alternative sources of energy should be President Bush’s “top priority”. And 83%, including 72% of conservatives, would like to see more attention paid to global warming during the 2006 Congressional elections and 2008 presidential race.

So we have two trends here – the number of people who believe energy security and climate change is a pressing issue is increasing and the number of people who support Bush is decreasing.

Maybe George W’s pollsters should suggest a radical plan to support Oil Change’s Seperation of Oil and State Campaign as well as a plan to combat climate change. Then his poll ratings might improve. Stranger things have happened you know.