People all over the world are facing unprecedented crises from COVID-19. These tragic impacts will be the deepest in the world’s most vulnerable communities, regions and countries. IEA director Dr. Fatih Birol has urged governments worldwide to place clean energy at the heart of stimulus. Here Dr. Birol is right - but making this clean energy call count with real ambition is critical if the IEA wants to shake its reputation as a shill for the fossil fuel sector.  

Later this year, OPEC will mark its 60th birthday. Former OCI staff member Greg Muttitt has contributed a chapter to an important new book on OPEC’s history and future. In a guest blog based on his chapter, he argues we need to think about OPEC less simplistically, and suggests a role for OPEC in tackling climate change by restricting its supply of oil. 

OPEC, the bogeyman

OPEC doesn’t have many friends among the climate movement. Perhaps climate advocates remember the organisation’s anti-climate stance in the 1990s. For example, in 1995, OPEC and the US jointly blocked the start of negotiations that would