Follow the Oil Money

March 24, 2008By Andy RowellBlog Post, Separate Oil and State 1 Comment

Last week, on the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War, hundreds of people stood with Oil Change International in the streets in front of the American Petroleum Institute demanding a Separation of Oil & State. They know, just as we do, that oil was the central motivation of the war in Iraq, that oil money … Read More

Solidarity Actions Reinforce Opposition to Iraq Oil Law

February 25, 2008By Andy RowellBlog Post

On February 23, dozens of solidarity actions were held across the US and UK to support the Iraqi people in their resistance of an oil law that would give unprecedented control to foreign oil companies. In Washington, Oil Change International —in coalition with other US labor and peace organizations— hosted a press conference and march … Read More

Google Goes Green

November 28, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post

Internet search company Google yesterday committed hundreds of millions of dollars to renewable energy projects. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google co-founders, announced its initiative to produce electricity from renewable energy sources rather than coal. Mr Page said: “Our goal is to produce one gigawatt of renewable energy capacity [enough to power San Francisco] that … Read More

Oil May Hit $200 if US Attacks Iran

November 20, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post

Just getting used to oil prices around $100 a barrel. Well Thailand’s Energy Minister Piyasvasti Amranand has said that global oil prices could surge to US$200 per barrel if the United States goes to war with Iran. Speaking at a seminar on “The Promotion of Bio-Technology,” he said he shared a view in common with … Read More

No War No Warming!

October 23, 2007By Steve KretzmannBlog Post, Separate Oil and State

As part of the “No War No Warming” demonstration 68 protesters were arrested yesterday in Washington, after they blocked Capitol Hill employees from arriving to work. “The link between war and warming is oil” said Steve Kretzmann of Oil Change International. “The oil industry gave $10 million in campaign contributions to this Congress. Perhaps this … Read More

Fight Climate Change, Not Wars for Oil!

October 22, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post

Anyone in DC today, please get involved in the No War No Warming day of direct action to protest against war and global warming. The purpose of today’s action is simple. It is to hold Congress accountable by taking over Capitol Hill on a day that Congress is in session. The idea of the day … Read More

Why protest?

October 9, 2007By Steve KretzmannBlog Post

Its a very busy fall for us here at Oil Change International. As our concern over both the war and global warming is growing, we’re putting a lot of effort into manifesting that concern into protest. The connection between protest and change is real, and important to understand. In a recent academic study (pdf) of … Read More

Protest in Baghdad over Oil Law

September 1, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

The news outlet, Agence France-Presse, reported today that dozens of Iraqis held a demonstration in central Baghdad against the proposed Oil Law which would open Iraq’s oil and gas sector to U.S. and other foreign oil companies. The Oil Law has already been approved by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s cabinet and goes for debate next … Read More

Iraqi Oil Law Is “Robbery”

July 9, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

Six Nobel Peace Prize laureates have released a statement in opposition to the proposed controversial Iraqi oil law, that some observers believe could go before Parliament as early as this week. The laureates include Betty Williams, Mairead Maguire, Rigoberta Menchu, Jody Williams, Shirin Ebadi and Wangari Maathai. The statement reads, in part, “The Iraqi oil … Read More