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  • Esther Kiobel C: Amnesty International

    A 22 Year Struggle For Justice Against Shell

    Sometimes the long, lonely struggle for justice does not take years, but decades. And at long last, four Nigerian women’s search for justice against Shell may be coming to an end.
  • C: Rob Wilson

    “They cannot extinguish the fire that Standing Rock started”

    Once again Big Oil has been forced to rely on brutal militarized force to bludgeon, bully, beat and intimidate peaceful water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. But in the face of such violence and intimidation, the growing movement against new fossil fuels will not be intimidated, it will only grow.
  • Rob Wilson photography @robwilsonFoto

    Veterans to Stand in Solidarity with the Sioux at Standing Rock

    They are used to standing shoulder to shoulder in the face of adversity fighting for their country. But next weekend, hundreds of veterans will come together again, potentially for one last time. Their mission this time is not to fight for their Government. But against it.
  • C: Unicorn Riot Twitter Feed

    Big Oil’s Brutality Has to Stop

    “Call the White House. Tell them this is unacceptable!!” someone tweeted yesterday, as people watched in horror as heavily armoured Police and law enforcement agencies moved to clear the water protectors in North Dakota fighting to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • dog3

    “Dakota Access uses attack dogs against Natives in the name of oil”

    The contrast could not have been greater. Over the weekend, speaking on the eve of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, history was made as President Obama and Chinese President, Xi Jinping, announced that the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases would formally ratify the Paris agreement on climate change.
  • Azaz,_Syria

    Climate Change Can Cause Conflict

    So it’s official. Confirming what many people already suspected, especially in areas of the Middle East or the Horn of Africa, climate change can be a cause of conflict.
  • ken_saro_wiwa

    The Spirit of Saro-Wiwa Lives On

    A new wave of anger, manifesting in large protests, is sweeping through Nigeria’s Ogoni region.
  • FT RBOB Gasoline 10 days to June 16

    US “Not Immune” to Oil Price Hike

    As war rages in Iraq, and oil and gasoline prices rise, the impotence of the US oil boom is exposed.
  • DSC00195

    Is Oil One Reason For Genocide of Rohingya in Burma?

    Human rights campaigners are warning that further ethnic cleansing in Burma, which is being exacerbated by land clearances due the Shwe Oil Gas pipeline, could be imminent.
  • Shell guilty

    Shell Should be Guilty Again

    Although the BP / Deepwater Horizon trial maybe hogging the headlines, another courtroom battle is equally intriguing and important. It is almost 3 years since the trial of Wiwa versus Shell settled for $15.5 million on the eve of the trial. Along with the Wiwa action, there was a parallel legal case, Kiobel Versus Shell,...
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