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  • Denial

    From Denali to Denial

    President Obama’s Arctic tour continues to make global news. Yesterday Obama, who has become the first President to visit the Alaskan Arctic, warned that “Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.”
  • power plants

    Shale May be the “Unexpected Loser” in Clean Power Plan

    President Obama yesterday unveiled what is the centre piece of his climate legacy, as his long awaited Clean Power Plan was outlined in a ceremony at the White House.
  • no-dash-for-gas

    UK Told to Frack or “End Up a Living Museum”

    The fracking debate in the UK is set to intensify this week, with press reports that the British government is set to announce the winners of a whole raft of new licenses that could see up to half the country opened up to fracking.
  • Censored_stamp

    Florida Officials Banned From Using the Term “Climate Change”

    In a deeply worrying and cynical move, officials in Florida working in the Department of Environmental Protection have been banned from using terms such as “climate change” or “global warming”.
  • 10407024_1082111491814941_496519570149228053_n

    100 Presidential Words Stop 1000 Miles of KXL…for now

    Yesterday, in a moment described as void of “drama or fanfare,” he vetoed legislation which would have forced approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry dirty tar sands oil Alberta to the Gulf Coast.
  • KXL

    “Shameful” Senate Passes KXL Bill

    A political show-down is now inevitable after the Senate yesterday passed a Bill to force approval of the politically toxic Keystone XL pipeline. In doing so, they have set up an bruising political clash with President Obama who is almost certain to veto the Bill. As Obama decides what to do, there will be many...
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  • Keystone_XL

    Just Say No to KXL, Mr President

    As Americans listen to their President tonight give his sixth annual State of the Union address, many people will be eagerly awaiting to see if he says anything about what has become one of the biggest political headaches of his Administration: the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline which will transport dirty tar sands from Canada to the US.
  • White elephant

    KXL Dismissed as “White Elephant” as Senate Vote Looms

    Later today the Senate floor is expected to vote on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, although currently Senators do not have enough votes to override Obama’s promised presidential veto on the issue.
  • KXL

    KXL is “like two bald men fighting over a comb”

    As the political squabbling over Keystone XL continues to dominate the political landscape in Washington, yesterday the Senate energy committee voted 13-9 in favour of a bill that would force construction of the controversial pipeline.
  • crude_export_ban

    The End of the Export Ban?

    The new year has started just like the old one ended, with the oil price continuing its downward slide. This morning oil dropped to five and a half year low as over supply continued to spook the markets.
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