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  • Barack_Obama

    Pressure Mounts on Obama As Big Oil Abandons the Arctic

    Great news for those fighting Big Oil in the Arctic, as after spending a whopping $2.5 billion for drilling rights in US Arctic waters, oil companies such as Shell and ConocoPhillips have quietly relinquished their rights to some 2.2 million acres.
  • Coal

    Obama to “Halt” New Coal Leases

    Every day, it seems, brings more bad news for the fossil fuel industry. The week started badly with the news that they US coal giant Arch Coal, which owns the world’s biggest coal-mining complex, was filing for bankruptcy.
  • republican-climate-change-denial-1415648425

    GOP Climate Denial Puts “Future of Civilization at Risk”

    Obama may be talking the climate change talk in Paris, but back home the Republican Party (GOP) is doing everything in its power to make sure there is no deal.
  • cop-paris-perspective-cropped

    Two Significant Steps Forward; One Step Back Towards Paris

    To start with one huge, massive, significant step forward. Victories do not come sweeter than this. After years of campaigning by millions of people from grass-roots activists, First Nations, farmers and ranchers to environmental groups such as Oil Change International, Sierra Club, 350.org and many others, President Obama announced on Friday that the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline is dead.
  • crude_oil_tanker-8-160079

    “Legislation to remove crude export restrictions is not needed at this time”

    Just as the Republicans seemed to be gaining a head of steam in their efforts to overturn America’s decades-old crude export ban, the White House has announced it would veto any proposals.
  • crude_oil_tanker

    Obama Opposes Lifting Crude Export Ban

    If nothing else, President Obama’s energy and climate policy is certainly contradictory. Although desperate to have a positive legacy, he has recently been criticised for allowing Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic just days before visiting the Arctic himself to warn about climate change.
  • Denial

    From Denali to Denial

    President Obama’s Arctic tour continues to make global news. Yesterday Obama, who has become the first President to visit the Alaskan Arctic, warned that “Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.”
  • power plants

    Shale May be the “Unexpected Loser” in Clean Power Plan

    President Obama yesterday unveiled what is the centre piece of his climate legacy, as his long awaited Clean Power Plan was outlined in a ceremony at the White House.
  • no-dash-for-gas

    UK Told to Frack or “End Up a Living Museum”

    The fracking debate in the UK is set to intensify this week, with press reports that the British government is set to announce the winners of a whole raft of new licenses that could see up to half the country opened up to fracking.
  • Censored_stamp

    Florida Officials Banned From Using the Term “Climate Change”

    In a deeply worrying and cynical move, officials in Florida working in the Department of Environmental Protection have been banned from using terms such as “climate change” or “global warming”.
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