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  • sanctions-on-russia

    Exxon Lobbying to “Water Down” Russian Sanctions

    Shell has become the latest western company to cease its activities in Russia due to sanctions imposed on Russia over Ukraine. The oil giant has suspended its operations with its joint venture partner Gazprom Neft to frack Russian shale oil.
  • Colorado fracking

    Colorado Democrats Bury Fracking Fight

    Just when fracking was due to take centre stage in Colorado’s November elections, two of the State’s top Democrats have agreed to a compromise deal, which you could argue will leave Colorado’s communities unprotected on the front-line of the fracking boom.
  • Light-house

    Big Oil Threatens Maine City After Tar Sands Export Ban

    Big Oil has always been a bad, bad loser. And it is therefore no surprise that it has threatened to sue a small coastal city in Maine which on Monday night struck an historical blow against the industry by banning the export of tar sands from its harbour.
  • fracking chemicals

    EPA Asked to Regulate Fracking Emissions

    As the evidence mounts that fracking is causing chronic air pollution and health problems, American civil society organisations are pressuring the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take action.
  • Caption 2

    As KXL Vote Nears in Senate, Big Oil Begins Ad Blitz

    Today could be the day when the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline could take a decisive turn. Later today the Senate is expected to debate what on the surface is a bipartisan energy efficiency bill, but pro-KXL Senators could try and push through a vote on the controversial pipeline as an amendment to the bill.
  • Reject and protect - photo

    “Keystone XL is a death warrant for our people”

    Under a clear-blue spring sky, thousands of people joined ranchers and First Nations leaders from the Cowboy and Indian Alliance for a ceremonial procession along the National Mall in Washington DC to protest against the controversial Keystone XL pipeline on Saturday.
  • No KXL2

    Cowboys and Indians Unite Against the KXL

    It was not a normal day in DC. But then it was Earth Day. But even for a day that celebrates our relationship with our fragile planet, this was something special. It was unique.
  • Reject-and-Protect

    KXL: “Reject and Protect” Protest Begins

    This week a unique gathering will take place in Washington which people are urged to participate in to show their opposition to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.
  • A DOT-111 tank car, which carries crude oil, ethanol, and other

    Industry Paying “Lip Service” to Crude by Rail Safety

    An influential Senator yesterday accused oil companies of prevaricating over providing data to American regulators about the safety of crude by rail trains.
  • fracking-cal2

    Thousands Attend Californian Anti-Fracking Rally

    They came in their thousands from across the Sunshine State. On Saturday, the largest anti-fracking rally and protest in California's history took place in the state capital of Sacramento.
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