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  • Why Does the IEA Keep Forecasting Climate Failure?

    There’s a battle taking place over how we think our energy future will unfold. And tomorrow, the organization that arguably holds a near monopoly over how most decision-makers perceive this future – the International Energy Agency (IEA) – will release its latest volley.
  • A fading future for the tar sands

    Oil majors are dumping Canada’s tar sands assets and investors are walking away from new projects. It’s the latest sign that the massive expansion the industry planned at the start of this decade is quickly falling apart. Canada’s status as one of the highest cost, highest carbon sources of oil is hurting the industry and...
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  • Now Statoil Pulls Out of Alaska

    There was more good news from the Arctic yesterday, when Norwegian oil company Statoil announced it was “exiting” the region, following recent exploration results in neighbouring oil and gas leases.
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