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  • Dominium CEO Thomas Farrell's connections C: Little Sis

    Dominion’s Deep Reach in Virginia Taints Atlantic Coast Pipeline Approval Process

    There is a growing political scandal in Virginia regarding the ubiquitous influence of the state’s largest energy company, Dominion Energy, and it’s raising fundamental questions about the integrity of the governor’s office and state regulators who will decide the fate of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
  • C: ACLU

    “Free Speech Crisis” in US with Laws Designed “to Crush” Protests

    Since Donald Trump was elected, there has been an assault on the pillars of what many would be considered a free and fair democratic society: the right to protest and the right to free speech.
  • March for science

    Join the March for Science this Saturday

    This Saturday, on Earth Day, there will be a March to stand up for science in the face of the most anti-science US Administration ever. A March to stand up for facts in the Trump post-factual era. To highlight issues such as climate change with a climate denier in the White House. To stand up for scientific free speech, in a dangerous era of political censorship. The message is simple: “Science, not Silence.”
  • Europe pipeline

    Protests Increase in Italy Against “Europe’s DAPL”

    There is increasing outrage in Italy against what campaigners are calling “Europe’s DAPL”, with thousands of people taking to the streets to campaign against the 3,500 kilometre, $45 billion, Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline (ECMP).
  • C: Steve Rhodes

    Due to KXL’s “Hefty Financial Risk”, Will it Ever be Built?

    For those fighting the KXL pipeline, there are important lessons to learn from recent events. First that Trump is defeatible. The man who has made a career of being an Alpha-male bully in business is now finding the reality of politics very different.
  • Rise with Standing Rock

    Native Nations Rise March in DC Takes on “Tyranny” of Trump Administration

    Tomorrow the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, which have been leading the protests against the Dakota Access pipeline, will take their fight to the oil-loving Trump Administration by marching on the White House.
  • C: Rob Wilson

    “They cannot extinguish the fire that Standing Rock started”

    Once again Big Oil has been forced to rely on brutal militarized force to bludgeon, bully, beat and intimidate peaceful water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. But in the face of such violence and intimidation, the growing movement against new fossil fuels will not be intimidated, it will only grow.
  • C: Joe Brusky

    DAPL “Could be Operational Within 30 Days” After Legal Setback

    Yesterday, a federal judge refused to issue a temporary injunction against construction of the highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The latest setback for the First Nations fighting the pipeline means that it could be “operational in as little as 30 days”, according to a lawyer for the company building it, Energy Transfer Partners.
  • Stop Dakota access

    New York City Could be Next to Disinvest from #DAPL

    The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has confirmed that he is “very interested” is using the city’s pension funds to put pressure on the banks that are helping to fund the highly controversial Dakota Access pipeline.
  • C: Pax Ahimsa Gethen

    It’s Time to Prove Trump Wrong Over #DAPL

    Early yesterday, work restarted on the highly controversial Dakota Access pipeline, less than a day after the Trump Administration granted a final easement to allow the project to go ahead over the disputed land near the Standing Rock reservation.
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