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  • C: Salon Youtube video

    “We came. We fought you. We took your land. We beg for your forgiveness.”

    Over the last few months, as the news of the Standing Rock protests have spread across the globe, people have realised that the protest was never just about a pipeline, it was always about so, so much more. It was about the right to protect clean air and water; it was the right to protect ancient burial sites; it was the right to fight for a future for our children and grand-children. It was a belief that we can live in a world without oil. But it was also a battle against oppression and colonisation against First Nations that has being going on for centuries and where the wounds run old, raw and deep.
  • C: Taboo Youtube video

    DAPL: Major Victory as Army Denies Easement; But Fight is Not Over

    The long struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline is not over by a long shot, but last night the First Nations at Standing Rock celebrated a hugely significant and hard fought victory after the Army Corps announced it would not be granting the easement for the pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe.
  • C: Mark Klotz

    Kinder Morgan Pipeline Might be Canada’s DAPL

    In the end, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, for all his suave talk of being a new progressive politician, who would era in a new type of politics, turned out disappointingly to be like all the rest. His suit is cut from the same old cloth.
  • C: Mark Klotz

    Kinder Morgan: “We’ll do what it takes legally to stop it”

    The battle for the Dakota Access pipeline is not the only pipeline fight in North America. Later today, the Canadian cabinet of Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is expected to review the evidence from a special Ministerial Panel on the highly controversial Kinder Morgan pipeline.
  • C: Rob Wilson Photography

    DAPL: “We will stand our ground for the water and the unborn generations”

    “Where is our breaking point, at which we say that the benefits do not outweigh the human cost?" asks Eric Martin, a doctoral candidate in theology at Fordham University in a powerful polemic in the New York Times on the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Rob Wilson photography @robwilsonFoto

    Veterans to Stand in Solidarity with the Sioux at Standing Rock

    They are used to standing shoulder to shoulder in the face of adversity fighting for their country. But next weekend, hundreds of veterans will come together again, potentially for one last time. Their mission this time is not to fight for their Government. But against it.
  • water cannon 3

    300 Injured At Standing Rock: “He just smiled and shot both my kneecaps”

    The dying days of President Obama’s administration are being deeply shamed by the actions of the authorities against the First Nations and others fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • C: Redhawk

    One of the Banks Behind North Dakota Pipeline “Considers its Involvement”

    The protests by First Nations against the North Dakota pipeline are beginning to rattle the funders behind the highly controversial scheme. This means that the pipeline that once seemed unstoppable is increasingly looking vulnerable.
  • C: Unicorn Riot Twitter Feed

    Big Oil’s Brutality Has to Stop

    “Call the White House. Tell them this is unacceptable!!” someone tweeted yesterday, as people watched in horror as heavily armoured Police and law enforcement agencies moved to clear the water protectors in North Dakota fighting to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • C: Chebyshev1983

    The Niger Delta: “Swallowed by Shell’s Sea”

    It is sixty years ago this year that the oil giant, Shell, first found oil at Oloibiri in Ijawland in the Niger Delta, after fourteen years of searching.
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