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    Bribery Is a Bargain for Big Oil

    Wonder why Keystone XL is the #1 priority for the new congress? You're not alone. The answer is money. Read our in-depth analysis.
  • KXL

    KXL is “like two bald men fighting over a comb”

    As the political squabbling over Keystone XL continues to dominate the political landscape in Washington, yesterday the Senate energy committee voted 13-9 in favour of a bill that would force construction of the controversial pipeline.
  • bristolbay

    Obama Bans Drilling in Bristol Bay

    As if the plummeting oil price was not bad enough, there was more bad news for the oil industry yesterday after President Obama signed a Presidential memorandum to protect the vast Bristol Bay in Alaska from future oil and gas drilling.
  • tanker

    Big Oil Sets Up Crude Export Lobby Group

    The growing political fight over relaxing America’s decades-old crude export ban intensified at the end of last week, when 14 oil and gas firms set up a lobbying group specifically to push to relax the ban.
  • Peoples climate march

    The Largest Climate March. Ever.

    On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in what the organisers are promising to be the largest climate march ever in New York.
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    Leading Climate Sceptic Vying to be UKIP’s First MP

    Roger Helmer who is standing to become the first ever MP for the United Kingdom Independence Party is a long-standing climate denier with deep ties to leading climate sceptic organisations in the US, such as ALEC, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Heartland Institute.
  • St Petersburg

    Exxon and BP Strengthen Ties With Russia

    Ignoring the potential threat of further sanctions, both Exxon and BP have strengthened ties with Russia’s state-controlled oil company, Rosneft, in deals that can also only be seen as bad news for the climate.
  • Vivienne Westwood Anti Fracking protest

    Two-Thirds of Britain Could be Fracked

    The British Government is set to unleash a fracking frenzy across large parts of the country as politicians try and replicate the American energy revolution.
  • Sechin_Dudley

    BP Sides with President Putin

    The oil industry always maintains that politics is a job for somebody else – it just gets on with drilling for oil and gas. The line is a fallacy of course, as the industry uses its economic might to prop up politicians that give it favourable tax breaks or subsidies or push its climate destructive policies.
  • Fat Cat On The Hill

    Response to Supreme Court ruling on McCutcheon v. FEC

    Despite the cynical and reactionary McCutcheon v. FEC Supreme Court decision, we'll keep our faith in the only force that has consistently rallied against greed throughout our nation's history - the American people.
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