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  • Iran-sanctions

    Big Oil Eyes Up “The Prize” of Iran

    As world leaders converged on the Swiss town of Lausanne over the weekend, their historic deliberations about Iran’s nuclear programme were said to have reached the “end-game” before the deadline at the end of the month.
  • yasuni

    Solidarity or self-interest: Ecuador and oil in the age of climate change

    Resource sovereignty, OPEC and climate change: implications for Ecuador in the struggle to protect biodiversity and indigenous rights in Yasuni National Park
  • shell-pierre-river-map

    Oil Giant Shell Shelves Dirty Tar Sands Mine

    In a sign that the oil price plunge is really beginning to bite, yesterday oil giant Royal Dutch Shell announced that the company is indefinitely postponing plans to develop a new tar sands mine in northern Alberta.
  • Lower-oil-price

    Crude Oil Casualties Mount

    Everywhere you look there is carnage in the oil industry as the reality of low oil prices begins to bite. From North America, to the North Sea and the Arctic, the low crude oil price is reshaping the size, shape and prospects of the industry.
  • Response to EPA comments on Keystone XL

    The EPA's comments point to the fact that at current oil prices the pipeline would certainly trigger additional production in the tar sands, and thus significant additional emissions. Thus Keystone XL clearly fails the President’s climate test...
  • oil-price-drop

    OPEC Wants to “Crush US Shale”

    Just how low can the oil price go? What was unthinkable even a few months ago is now becoming distinctly probable, even likely. As analysts dissect the ramifications for the oil industry of $40 dollar barrel, oil traders are now thinking that the price of crude will halve that to a staggering $20 a barrel. Prices have not been that low for twenty years.
  • crude_export_ban

    The End of the Export Ban?

    The new year has started just like the old one ended, with the oil price continuing its downward slide. This morning oil dropped to five and a half year low as over supply continued to spook the markets.
  • Oil price2

    Oil Industry in Crisis as $1Tn Investment at Risk

    And so the free-fall continues. The price of Brent crude has fallen this morning below $60 a barrel for the first time since July 2009. The price of US crude is below $55.
  • oil price

    Bank of America: $50 A Barrel on Its Way

    The US shale industry faces a Darwinian struggle over the next few months as only the fittest producers will survive as the price of crude plunges to $50 a barrel, the Bank of America has warned.
  • truckoilsands

    Banks “Circling” Tar Sands Debt

    The message from the markets for the North American oil industry is summed up in four simple words by the Financial Times today: “No respite for oil.”
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