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  • Frozen Future: the gaps in Shell’s Arctic spill response

    Shell is currently moving its drilling rigs to Seattle in anticipation of resuming its US offshore Arctic drilling programme in July. However, it is far from clear that Shell has adequate physical or financial plans to deal with the impacts of a major oil spill in this remote region.
  • Brent Spar

    Ghost of Brent Spar Haunts Shell

    Twenty years ago the oil giant Shell was embroiled in two separate controversies, which still haunt the company to this day.
  • Rosneft

    Rosneft Announces Arctic “Victory”

    There was grim news over the weekend for those fighting Arctic drilling as the Russian energy giant Rosneft announced that it had struck oil in the world’s most northerly well, deep in the Arctic.
  • Lofoten

    Norway Examines New Arctic Drilling

    Yesterday, Norway’s ruling Labour Party took a “major step” towards opening up other areas of the Arctic to oil drilling that are currently restricted from drilling
  • Kulluk+2

    “Blundering” Shell Has to be Banned from Arctic

    The latest disaster is just one more in a long list for Shell in its Arctic debacle. It gives further fuel to the fire for those who argue that oil drilling in the region should be banned.
  • drill-baby-drill2

    Obama Continues to “Drill Baby Drill”

    Later today as part of Obama’s “All of the Above” energy strategy, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will hold an oil and gas lease sale that will make more than 20 million offshore acres available to oil and gas drilling.
  • elgin

    The $13 Billion Bill for Elgin Gas Spill

    Oil companies operating in the North Sea could face an estimated $13 billion (Euros 10 billion) bill in light of the Elgin gas spill which could also seriously affect their credit ratings, according to rating agency Fitch. Total’s Elgin platform in the North Sea has been leaking gas since last month with some estimates that...
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  • elgin-platform

    “No Idea How to Fix” North Sea Gas Leak

    If you read any literature from the oil and gas industry it always argues that it is one of the best regulated industries in terms of safety and preparedness. This is an industry that understands the dangerous risks of drilling, prepares for it and mitigates to make sure accidents do not happen. If an accident...
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  • Mozambique_-_traditional_sailboat

    Africa’s New Scramble for Gas

    Some twenty five years ago when Amoco were exploring for oil offshore Somalia, the company was convinced that the waters of East Africa contained vast reserves of oil and gas. But its exploration was unsuccessful, Somalia was ripped apart by civil war and the waters of East Africa, once the tranquil domain of dhows and...
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  • ProspectsMap

    Falklands: “Conflict is Over Oil”

    Are we slowly edging towards another war over oil? Thirty years after Britain and Argentina last went to war over the Falklands, the diplomatic stakes are rising rapidly. This could just be a great game of diplomatic brinkmanship where neither side really wants a repeat of the conflict from decades ago. However this time at...
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