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  • Arctic - Obama

    Now Statoil Pulls Out of Alaska

    There was more good news from the Arctic yesterday, when Norwegian oil company Statoil announced it was “exiting” the region, following recent exploration results in neighbouring oil and gas leases.
  • southern-right-whales-and-their-calves_web

    BP’s Bid to Drill the Australian Bight Rejected

    In a major set-back for the oil giant, BP’s highly controversial application to drill in one of Australia’s last great wilderness areas, the Great Australian Bight, has been rejected for falling short of environmental standards.
  • Oz Bight

    30 Days to Save the Australian Bight From BP

    Just as BP finally agrees to pay nearly $21 billion to settle claims relating to the disastrous Deepwater Horizon spill, the oil giant is proposing to drill four exploration wells in the Great Australian Bight, which threatens these pristine waters off the Southern coast of the country.
  • New report details the climate case against drilling in the Arctic

    Our new report today details a clear case against drilling for oil in the Arctic ocean based on climate science imperatives. The report shows U.S. Arctic offshore oil should be deemed an “untouchable” fossil fuel reserve by any reasonable measure.
  • Mexico

    Mexico’s “Sale of the Century”

    Mexico is opening up its lucrative offshore oil fields for the first time in 80 years, and in the words of the Financial Times, which devotes a whole page of the paper to the subject, “it is shaping up to be quite a feast.”
  • OCI Response to Conditional Approval of Shell’s 2015 Arctic Drilling Plan

    Today's decision to rubber stamp Shell’s 2015 Arctic Exploration Plan is yet another example of the dangerous disconnect between our climate imperatives and the Obama administration's energy policy.
  • Frozen Future: the gaps in Shell’s Arctic spill response

    Shell is currently moving its drilling rigs to Seattle in anticipation of resuming its US offshore Arctic drilling programme in July. However, it is far from clear that Shell has adequate physical or financial plans to deal with the impacts of a major oil spill in this remote region.
  • Brent Spar

    Ghost of Brent Spar Haunts Shell

    Twenty years ago the oil giant Shell was embroiled in two separate controversies, which still haunt the company to this day.
  • Rosneft

    Rosneft Announces Arctic “Victory”

    There was grim news over the weekend for those fighting Arctic drilling as the Russian energy giant Rosneft announced that it had struck oil in the world’s most northerly well, deep in the Arctic.
  • Lofoten

    Norway Examines New Arctic Drilling

    Yesterday, Norway’s ruling Labour Party took a “major step” towards opening up other areas of the Arctic to oil drilling that are currently restricted from drilling
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