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  • Less PowerPoint. More Power.

    After that paranoid, delusional babble in the Koch-sponsored Rose Garden last week, Trump has united and energized the global climate movement like never before. The critical question is this: How do we build more political power, and how do we win?
  • A California Climate Test?

    All is not lost for the climate test. A climate test could be applied at all levels of government, including at the state level. One state where such a policy appears ripe for formulation is California.
  • Managed Decline: A Just Clean Energy Transition and Lessons from Canada’s Cod Fishing Industry

    There’s a clear logic to the global challenge of addressing climate change: when you’re in a hole, stop digging. If we’re serious about tackling the global climate crisis, we need to stop exploring for, developing, and ultimately producing and consuming fossil fuels.
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