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  • Stein Glacier on Aug. 20, 2015. (C: James Balog and the Extreme Ice Survey/GSA Today/The Geological Society of America)

    Going, Going, Gone

    How can it be that as the evidence about climate change gets stronger, politicians like Trump seem to get more ignorant?
  • donald the clown

    Meet Donald the Climate Clown

    Later today in Stockholm, a conference organised by the business group, the International Chamber of Commerce, examines “Bridging the Climate Change Policy Gap.”
  • C: Marco Tedesco

    Arctic Warming: Heading for “Unchartered Territory”

    In a year of climate records being broken on an almost weekly basis, the Arctic is breaking more than most and now could be stuck in a spiral of what is known as "Arctic amplification".
  • North Pole3

    The Pond at the Pole

    Scientists have been warning for years that due to climate change the North Pole might soon be ice free in the summer, well, guess what, today there is a pond there.
  • methane-global-warming

    Methane Leaks Alarm Scientists

    In the fallout from the Durban conference, one of the debates I have heard is people debating what keeping warming to 2 degrees means, rather than letting warming increase to 3 degrees or even 4 degrees. One of the answers was that if warming goes above 2 degrees the chances of a runaway greenhouse effect...
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  • Russia Leads Arctic Oil Race

    Three years after Russian divers thrust a rust-proof flag into the seabed below the North Pole, the country’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, will attend the Arctic Forum in Moscow today. Putin wants to stake Russia’s claim in the increasingly frantic battle for control of the Arctic’s resources. Ironically the more the ice melts through climate...
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  • Groups Fight “Irresponsible Shell” in the Arctic

    The Chukchi Sea stand-off between environmental and Alaska Native groups and Shell has taken another twist, with a new legal action to stop the oil company’s plans to drill in the region next summer. Yesterday’s challenge was filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals a group of Native Americans and environmental organisations including the...
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  • A Message from the Warmists…

    As a writer what I find interesting is the corruption of the language and the evidence by the sceptics. Yesterday I posted a blog that was based on Rolling Stone’s list of the people they believe are doing to the most to undermine the international and US domestic effort on climate change. Obviously the post...
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  • Poll: Majority of Scientists Believe 2C Rise Inevitable

    For many scientists and politicians a 2 degrees centigrade rise is the threshold which we cannot afford to cross. For example, the IPCC has long argued that climate impacts will significantly increase, if and when, global temperatures rise 2 degrees C or more above pre-industrial levels. Based on the science, the EU’s stated political objective...
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  • NATO’s New Frontier

    Iceland may be on the verge of a financial collapse but it may soon have another headache to deal with : being on the frontline of the new military and resource conflict of the Arctic. There is a going to be a rush to exploit the melting Arctic with shipping firms using new routes and...
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