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  • EDF_off

    60,000 Say No to EDF’s Legal Bullying

    Just under 60,000 people have now signed a petition that demands that the French energy company EDF drop a sinister lawsuit against 21 climate change activists who occupied one of its power plants last year.
  • BP+Trial

    BP’s $9 Billion Spill Tax Scam

    BP could settle the Deepwater Horizon spill trial and offset a whopping $9 billion against it tax bill
  • BP-trial-620x505

    “BP was blinded by greed”

    After months of delay, the trial of the century finally opened yesterday in New Orleans. Outside rows of protesters had banners with "Restore the Gulf", "#makeBPpay", and "Never Forget".
  • bp-logo-duck

    “Overwhelming evidence that BP is grossly negligent”

    Today, nearly three years after BP’s disastrous Deepwater Horizon spill, which claimed eleven lives and led to the largest oil spill in US history, the company is finally due in the dock.
  • Guilty

    Legal Precedent Set as Shell Found Guilty in the Hague

    The fact that a Dutch court has found Shell guilty in its home country will now set a huge precedent for further claims.
  • Bishop

    Texas Judge Stops KXL

    In yet another victory for anti-Keystone XL protestors, a Texas Judge has ordered that TransCanada temporarily stop work on the pipeline.
  • Murder is bad

    Murder is Bad – Even in Nigeria

    On Monday morning, Shell's “Grassroots Employee Empowerment Division” emailed 71,900 employees. But that division doesn't exist.
  • tarballs-on-beach-at-Bon-Secour-National-Wildlife-Refuge-1

    BP sued “for hiding truth” over Deepwater

    BP’s disastrous Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico refuses to go away. The Daily Telegraph in the UK is reporting that BP is being sued for tens of millions of dollars in America US by institutional investors. The investors – the South Yorkshire Pensions Authority, Skandia Global Funds and GAM Fund Management –...
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  • robertmurray

    Big Coal Plays Dirty

    One of America’s top reporters who exposes the antics of the coal industry is being sued for libel by one of the largest independent coal barons. Ken Ward JR, who has been labelled as “one of the nation’s top coal reporters” by Columbia Journalism Review, is being sued by Murray Energy and its owner Bob...
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  • BP_oil

    BP and the Attack on Academic Freedom

    Two leading oceanographers who worked on the impact of BP’s devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill have accused BP of attacking academic freedom after the oil giant successfully subpoenaed thousands of confidential emails related to their research. The two scientists, Richard Camilli and Christopher Reddy, from the respected Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, have had to give...
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